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The GUI Environment for the XEVM

The XE Programming Language Xepl Engine Virtual Machine
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Data cops between your browser and the net.
Ajax InterfaceA Dynamic page grows to your specifications Client side javascript
Ready for today... it Speaks Http. Breathes XML. Scribbles HTML.
The most advanced... Innovative, Integrated, and Dynamic
Browser eye candyYour browser, your way
Filter your own communicationsNothing gets through these defenses
Rip content right from the webKeep it organized too
Its total control through your browser
SmashUp your own frontpage !

Dynamic Interfacex2xe works with the XEVM. Uses the html context for a dynamic rapid delivery.
Browse with framesx2xe is a personal windows for websites.
Proxy filters and blocksThe x2xe proxy stands between you and your internet. You can decide who and what gets through.
Collect your bookmarksUsing a context aware interpiler, XEPL Programs (described in free form XML) can easily communicate data inside the space of ancestoral objects, captured at the time of the event, even the previous state of the thread, and all from an infinte number of places ... instantly.
Remember your searchesAs an object executes more xepl code, it changes its overall behavior to external events. Using modular xepl objects and code templates and xeal macros forces breed consistency with ultimate individual diversity.
Aggregate web xml/Objects keep themselves up to date, crawling the web for you. Collect rss feeds, sports xml, whatever and then crunch the results. Display them in different forms.
XEVM ControllerYou choose what is loaded into the xevm, what is running and when. Inspect live running objects.

Open Source. Open Software License version 3.0
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C++ XEPL Engine Virtual Machine

The XEPL Engine Programming Language

The GUI for the XEVM

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Ajax for the browser.. its an integrated suite of xepl programs for context and control, javascript for engaging the browser, and css files for skinning content.
Portable ApplicationsRunning in the xevm, you have true portability across platforms.
Powerful State Machine.For ..., Rich Internet Apps, Embedded Systems, Distributed Applications, Social Frameworks.
Grows with youXEPL will handle everything from Rapid Prototyping, Automated Testing and into deployment that must scale dramatically.

C++ XEPL Engine Virtual Machine
Multi-Threaded.An integrated event pump delivers non blocking performance.
Object-Oriented.Dynamic Blending of classes.
Event-Driven.You sleep until you wake.
Publish-Subscribe.You get only what you ask for.
Set Engine.Perform set algebra on variables.
Dynamic.Your objects learn as they grow.
Persistant.Start up right where you left off.
TicklessNo timers required
Modular/Extensible.Where everything is optional.
Software Development refined.
The XEPL Engine... (xe) Virtual Machine and its Programming Language (XEPL) are one. The XE Virtual Machine, provides the How binary services and hardware access where XEPL provides the wiring for controlling When and passing What; its your logic that provides the Why.
It's simple... So simple, that state based data stored in easy to access hierarchical nooks and threaded crannies. This machine can access and persist data in so many different places, and provide you instant access. Its a simplified and natural state machine.
It's smart... With built-in rendering paths that seamless integration with real-time HTML. Secondary processing contexts allow for easy data rendering.
It's here right now... With demonstration programs ... so powerful ... it'll have you slobbering in drool as you're scratching your head in awe.

Copyright (c) 2007 Keith Robbins

Open Software License Version 3.0